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The primary role of Enrich & Enlight is to provide Recruitment Solutions to our client in order to enhance the success of the company. Our services are intended to improve productivity, Efficiency, competency and Employee Ethics.

We work with our clients to identify the needs, develop an action plan and assist with the implementation. Thus, we add and retain the values of our clients through our excellent team.

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Sai Pranavi


Sai Pranavi’s unmatched zest and passion to map talent to opportunity helped spark the creation of Enrich & Enlight. Pranavi has deep insights and understanding of various technologies and the pain point of clients. That coupled with an ever willing attitude to learn has helped propel Enrich & Enlight to be among the preferred partner for clients irrespective of the size of business. Pranavi is also the prototype of the quintessential modern woman who dons multiple hats and juggles multiple roles armed with a smile. In her spare time, Pranavi volunteers for causes which lead to upliftment of society as a whole

Gopinath S


Gopinath oversees strategic initiatives at Enrich & Enlight. He ideates, nurtures and transmutes strategy to action all of which is aimed at enhancing service offering to clients and candidates apart of other stakeholders. Gopi has served a host of corporate giants across India and uses his corporate experience to rationalize and temper client expectations vis-à-vis’ candidate availability. Gopi also mentors members of the HR fraternity via various fora and in his spare time works with Pranavi on social causes.

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